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J10 is a middle size bike of BOSUER dirt bike family. The bike fixed with a BOSUER exclusively designed engine, the engine MOJO 250cc is air cooled, 4-valve.Its cylinder cover is designed as a squre shape and cant assembling edge for easy removing from engine, it is convenient for reparing the engine.


MOJO 250cc


MOJO 250cc, 4-Valve, single cylinder, air cooled, E & Kick start

product Descriptions

The engine produce 18.5kw at 7500rpm, no other same class engine can produce more power than it. Featured engine cover modified with MOJO logo on it and shows that it is a high performance of BOSUER products.

The chassis of the bike is made of steel, died cast steel with high strengthened formed steel parts orgnize the frame structure, ensure it is solid enough for competition. Alloy swing arm fixed with the bike gurantee the whole bike reduce weight max and also good looking.Brake system are created and modified by BOSUER exclusively with Mojo logo on calipers show that it is high performance parts from BOSUER.



Engine: CB250 4-valve engine, 4-stroke,5-speed, electric start

Frame: middle size dirt bike frame with linkage, alloy swing arm

Wheel: front 21", rear 18"

Suspension: adjustable

Brake system: Mojo brake, 2 pistons of front brake, 1 pistion rear

Muffler: stainless steel with bomber

MOTO Tipo de motoro: MOJO 250cc, 4-Valve, single cylinder, air cooled, E & Kick start
Bore X Stroke: 72 * 61.4mm
Compression Rate: 9.25: 1
Maksimuma potenco: 18.5KW / 7500rpm
Maksimuma Tordmomanto: 20Nm / 6500rpm
Valve System: 5-rapideco
Ekbruligo: CDI
Karbohidratoj: PWK34
Gear Ratio 520-13 / 520-49
ĈASOJ Tenilo Trinkejo Alloy, fat shape
Triple Clamp forged alloy
frame high strengthened steel, with linkage
Svinga Brako alojo
Fronto Forko 54/60-880mm, adjustable
Malantaŭa Ŝoko 450mm, air bag, adjustable
Disc Brake Sys front/rear disc: 240mm
Grandeco de Rado alloy rim 1.6-21 2.15-18
Tiro-Grandeco 80/100-21 120/90-18
DIMENSOJ Maksimuma Ŝarĝo 90kg
Brulaĵo-Kapacito 6.3L
Seat Alteco 910mm
Radbazo 1410mm
senigo 315mm
Demenssion 2100 * 810 * 1260mm
net pezo 110 ± 1 KG
pako Grandeco 1770 * 480 * 960mm
Pacing Carton Size 1790 * 500 * 960mm
Max Packing Weight 120 ± 2 KG

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